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Maru Fins

high-grade silicone for added durability. Short fin design to provide a stronger, faster kick with greater propulsion, these fins allow you to kick at a much higher rate over longer periods of time

Adult Size 1 - 11

Arena Junior Fins_edited.jpg

Arena Junior Fins

 Kids' training tool for improving kicks. Easy to wear, open heel for maximum flexibility. Quick-drying, soft touch, PVC free. Ideal for kids. 100 Percent Thermoplastic Elastomer

Size:  Junior 8-13 Adult 1-2.5

Sporty Swim Fins_edited.jpg

Sporty Swim Silicone Fins

Short fin design provides optimum blade stiffness for resistance and propulsion. Comfortable fins and soft around the heel. 100% High Grade Silicone Increase

Adult Sizes 1 - 12

Arena Power Fins_edited.jpg

Arena Power Fin Pro 

The arena Power Fin Pro are the fins all competitive swimmers have been waiting for. Their design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic so that you can swim with a faster leg kick and better control. Adult size 3.5 -12 UK

Important Documents for Customers

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